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Security cable systems can provide a balance of protection, flexibility and value, but there are many types of cables. Look  carefully at the specification and configuration of cable devices before you buy.

While security pads and enclosures provide the highest level of protection for mission-critical or high value equipment in exposed areas, cables are a suitable theft deterrent if you choose the right kind of cable.

Cable devices for notebook PCs and flat panel monitors usually attach to a security slot built into the equipment. These should use fasteners that are durable and flexible.  See our variety of laptop cable choices.

Unfortunately, most security cables available from office products and mail order sources provide little or no protection. They are either too thin (to prevent casual clipping) or use fasteners (that can be popped off in a second).


Here’s what you should look for:

  • Thickness: Insist on security cables that are at least ¼” thick (5/16” including a vinyl coating) and include a variety of fasteners to secure all components, regardless of equipment. Anything less may leave your equipment exposed.

  • Protecting all components: Make sure the cable kit protects all components: CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. Ask if it protects internal components.

  • Padlocks: Padlocks should have a case-hardened shackle and be substantial enough to deter a thief and should match the keying scheme that suits your organization.

  • Keying scheme options: Keying is critical. To control authorized access for users and support personnel, you should try to maintain key controls and, where possible, schemes that offer locks that are keyed-different, keyed-alike or master-keyed.

  • Cable design: Check whether the cable has an end-to-end design for maximum flexibility in the placement of components.

  • Variety of lengths: Check whether the cables are available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. Special kits designed for Dell, Apple, HP and other equipment provide the best balance of value and protection.

Datamation Systems has the widest range of security cable kits available anywhere, including products fabricated specifically for us,

as well as those made by Kensington and others. We can help you configure a security solution appropriate to your specific needs.


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