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When notebook, tablet and netbook PCs are used in classrooms and training facilities, they are often vulnerable  to theft and unauthorized use.  So are eReaders. Schools, universities, corporate training facilities and conference centers protect this valuable equipment in our laptop carts, cabinets and cases specifically designed to secure, transport and re-charge notebooks, tablets,

iPads and netbooks.

For security and durability, these are the most important criteria when selecting a laptop cart, case or notebook cabinet:

  • Laptop carts and cabinets should have welded steel construction for durability.

  • Make sure the laptop cart or cabinet has a very secure lock. You are protecting a lot of valuable equipment and security is a critical feature.

  • Electrical outlets should allow for recharging notebook & netbook computers and the use of peripherals (such as printers and access points).

  • Whenever possible, electrical outlets should provide surge-protection.

  • Wheels should be easy to push and lock. Large wheel options should be available.

  • Shelves should have large clearance for easy handling and flexibility for future technology.

  • Shelves should be individually removable so you can configure the inside of carts as your needs change.




Whether you are storing, iPads™, Dell Latitude™ or Inspiron™ laptops and netbooks, iBooks™, MacBooks™, Powerbooks™, Thinkpads™, IdeaPads™, Galaxy, TouchPad or Latitude 10 or MXP tablets, Kindles, Chromebooks™,  Nooks, or any model, we have carts that provide room for all the appropriate equipment.  Carts storing 8, 16, 20, 24, 30 and 36 PCs are available, as are custom configurations. See our products.  We also offer accessories such as 8" tire kits, an innovative wheel lock for many of our carts, and an affordable electronic timer that prevents the risk of overloading circuits.

If you have tablets or 17" notebooks, even these can be accommodated.  Click here

NEW Network-Ready "Managed carts":  More and more people are asking about network updates in carts and we can help you configure them so they are network-ready. We can provide carts with network cabling and managed switches pre-installed, integrating the switches, hubs, cables and other network equipment that meets your needs. Our carts arrive so your network set-up and network readiness are easy and clean. Click here for an example

NEW Docking Cart for Dell 2120 Netbooks:  Patented, innovative cart recharges 28 netbooks with a drop-and-dock power feature.  Compact and affordable. Click here


Netbook Carts, Cabinets & Cases




32-Mini Cart

Netbook Safe

NetVault for

 Notebooks/Netbooks and iPads

Notebook Safes & Cabinets

We have a full range of carts and cabinets purpose-built for netbooks.


Our 32-Mini carts for netbooks protect and recharge up to 32 netbooks from Dell (including the Latitude 2120, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and others.  They are a perfect match for the Google Chromebooks™. Some have an innovative Gather 'Round' ® design.  These carts can even accommodate XO (OLPC) subnotebooks. They are available with a locking battery charger drawer. Click here.  Our new Netsafe2 product economically protects 10-18 netbooks. Click here.


Our NetVault secures and stores 14-24 netbooks or notebooks in a compact, affordable design.  Click hereOther versions store up to 40 iPads™ or other E-readers.  Click here


To save space or provide a non-mobile solution that is both economical and secure, consider a netbook security cabinet.  Models for 5, 8, 18 and more are available.  Click here


There are even secure carts that accommodate up to ten netbooks, notebooks or tablets in a projector/AV cart configuration.  Click for details  And we have a convenient wall-mounted notebook cabinet, perfect for personal, secure storage and AV applications.  Click here


Transport cases:  Several configurations allow you to transport, secure, charge and sync iPads, tablets and other devices.  They are perfect for shared equipment in training centers, conferences, trade shows, etc.  Custom configurations are also possible. 


Sync-and-Charge Case

16 iPads

iPad Transport Charging Case -

38 iPads & accessorites

iPad Sync Charge Case



Unique storage & protection for netbooks, notebooks & projectors:  Special carts make it easy to transport and protect digital projectors, AV equipment and notebooks/netbooks.




Laptop Safes & PDA Carts

Whether a notebook safe (5, 8 or new 18 module) or an individually-locked drawer cabinet, it should be  configured in a way that makes sense for your operation and space. Most PDA safes and cabinets offer recharging capability, drill-proof locks and cable management features. These are great solutions when you need to secure your valuable PDA's.


Our Security Solutions




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