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iPod, iPhone and Mobile Device Strategies

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Sync, Charge and Protect

iPods or iPhones




Charging and Syncing Trays

A variety of trays and drawer configurations can

be created for mobile devices, including Android phones, iPhones and iPods, with or without locks.


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MC Fixed Charge Hubs
Fixed Charge Charging Hubs (14 and 16-port)

USB Charging Stations feature: Each USB hub

provides a fixed charge of either 1.5a, 2.1a or 2.4a. Stations can be anchored to a counter. Professional USB boards powered by Cambrionix, the most respected leader in USB charge and sync technologies.




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Gather 'Round Carts to Sync and Charge
Up to 40 Mobile Devices

The DS-GR-P-S40-SC security cart features universal Cambrionix USB hubs to sync and

charge up to 40 iPhones and other devices. Gather'Round technology permits device access from both sides of cart.


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32 Port Sync and Charge Station
32-port Charge and Sync Console

The DS-SC-U32 is a 32-port sync and charge station. Each of its 32 USB ports delivers 2.1A for charging iPads, iPhones, iPods and other mobile devices; and syncs the same way as the most advanced cart-based hubs.


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15-port USB Charge and Sync Station

The DS-SC-PP15 is a universal USB charging device that adjusts each port to the optimal charging profile for each device as it is plugged into the hub. This version also acts as a USB hub for file transfer and syncing content. It's updatable firmware makes it future-proof.


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Sync and Charge Security Cabinets for 24 iPhones, iPods and other Mobile Devices

The DS-MDM-SC-24U compact and durable steel enclosure houses state-of-the-art universal 16-port and 8-port USB boards. Can be used to charge and sync any iPod™, iPod Touch and iPhone™, as well as virtually any smart phone that charges with USB. Features unique future-proof updatable firmware.


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USB-over-IP Solutions


Remotely manage your iPads and iPhones over Gigabit Ethernet networks with the new

EtherSync USB-over-IP appliance and software.  Click here:


Visit us at for more information on

different strategies to sync, charge and secure your Apple devices.



iPod, iPhone, iTunes and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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