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 So you want to get your PC back?

Theft Recovery Systems Give You Hope of Recovery (and Protect your Data)

Datamation provides solutions that not only help you recover stolen notebook and desktop PCs, but protect the data on your stolen computers while it is in the hands of the thief.

The FBI reports that only 3% of all stolen computers (without a recovery mechanism) are ever recovered. Stolen computers equipped with a recovery product (such as the CyberAngel or CompuTrace) have a 90% recovery rate.

The CyberAngel® Security Software

The CyberAngel® is compatible with all current Windows platforms, providing:

1. “Real-Time” Security: Strong file and data encryption -- protecting client / patient / company data
2. "Real-Time" Security: Preventing the use of a VPN client – prohibiting access to remote networks
3. "Real-Time” Security: Immediately locking COM ports --preventing dial-up networking & information transfer
4. Hardware Tracking and Recovery -- Tracks, locates and recovers lost or stolen computers
5. User Authentication/Intrusion Detection -- Provides “real-time” notification of unauthorized access attempts

Asset Management Reporting -- Offers tracking of computers for inventory / management purposes

While your lost or stolen computer is being tracked, located and recovered, CyberAngel’s “Real-Time” security features protect the data on your computer and prevent the use of remote access utilities. Strong industry-approved encryption protects confidential information and important applications from being seen or used by the thief.

The CyberAngel Security Software is a comprehensive IT security tool, providing hardware tracking & recovery, data & information protection, restriction of use of dial-up or VPN technologies, proprietary database or application protection, asset management, and much more.

... "I had weeks worth of business on my laptop when it was stolen." noted Diana Austin, whose car was broken into while in the driveway of her home. "My computer is my business and without it I cannot make money. All of my client data was on that laptop. The CyberAngel contacted me soon after they attempted to use my computer, and a few days later, the Portland Police returned my computer. I am so relieved!"

The CyberAngel Security Software works! Protecting the information on your computers, preventing any type of remote access to your documents or network, other “real-time” security features . . . all create a valuable security solution.

For additional information on theft recovery systems, please contact us, or e-mail Colleen Ritter at

The CompuTrace Theft Recovery System™ is another option. Compatible with all Windows™ platforms, CompuTrace TRS silently and transparently makes a regularly scheduled call to a toll-free tracking line or IP address. When the scheduled PC calls in, if it was reported stolen CompuTrace can track, locate and help police recover the stolen computer.

Datamation now offers you the ability to enhance your current PC security program with these security tools. Recover your stolen computer, protect your data and information, prevent unauthorized access back to your VPN or remote servers, stop unauthorized modem use or hotsyncs, and receive immediate notifications of unauthorized access attempts.


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