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Projector and Multimedia Security
Audio visual equipment – including the newest digital projectors –used in classrooms and training facilities is just as vulnerable to theft and unauthorized use as computer equipment.  There are a number of strategies for protecting this equipment and, at the same time, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of its use. 

Traditional ceiling and desk mounts for projectors can be an effective theft deterrent, especially if the mounts are made with theft prevention in mind.  Special enclosures can be combined with heavy-duty security cables to provide better protection for projectors. Many standard mounts do not protect projectors.

Equipment can also be protected with a reliable equipment theft alarm, such as the Sonic Shock.  Many such alarms have a high false alarm rate or are “toys.”  The Sonic Shock is the most reliable and well built device of its kindIt is a serious alarm and theft deterrent.                                                                                                  



When a projector or media configuration has to be shared in more than one room, or has to be moved around in a tight facility, there are a wide variety of carts available.  The most compact and well-designed media cart equipped with security features can deliver equipment in a functional, patented design. 


Below are examples of our latest AV Projector carts and carts configured for math and science calculator systems.  


Media & Laptop

Cart (MFC)

Compact Projector Cart (MMPC)


Sonic Shock Alarm

Cart for TI-Navigator

Cart for TI-Nspire

Innovative "math carts" protect and charge your calculators and AV equipment in an economical and secure system for math and science configurations.  Above are examples of carts that support the TI-Navigator™ and TI-Nspire Systems.  For more details visit our mathcarts website or click here

Datamation Systems has the widest range of carts, cabinets and cases available anywhere.  We can help you configure a storage, delivery and security solution appropriate to your specific needs.

Tell us the types, makes and models of equipment you want to protect so we can get you the right information on how to protect them.  For additional information on any of these strategies, please contact us or E-mail Colleen Ritter at: c.ritter@pc-security.com


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