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Charge and Sync Solutions Designed For The Way iPads Are Used


First, we made the first security cart for Apple's iPad. Now, the first sync and charge solutions.


Since the release of the iPad, schools and other organizations have been looking at tablets and e-Readers in new and innovative ways.  Datamation Systems introduced the first of a series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage, charging and syncing solutions for these new devices: the DS-NETVAULT-IP. Now, even more compact charge-and-sync or just charging solutions are available.

In fact, we have created a full suite of solutions that address how you specifically use and deploy the new iPad and all previous models.



The key Components:

  • iPad carts to charge and secure all iPad models

  • iPad cabinets to charge and secure the new iPad and previous generations

  • Sync-and-charge cabinets

  • Desktop sync-and-charge kits to support multiple iPad deployments and maintenance

  • Portable sync-and-charge cases to take syncing to the classroom


iPad Carts and Cabinets


Old-style notebook carts are bulky and expensive.  Many lack anything more than the most basic anti-theft protection.  Not the NETVAULT-IP and the new Netsafe-IP!





Model # DS-Netsafe-IPC

Model # DS-GR-T-S24-SC

Model # DS-GR-T-M32-C

Model # DS-GR-T-M32-SC

Model # DS-GR-T-L40-C

Model # DS-GR-T-L40-SC

Model # DS-GR-ST-S32-C

Model # DS-GR-ST-S32-SC

 - Secures and charges up to 20 iPads

 - Secures and charges up to 40 iPads

 - Secures and charges 16-20 iPads

 - Gather'Round Sync-Charge Cart 24 iPads

 - Gather'Round Charging Cart 32 iPads

 - Gather'Round Sync-Charge Cart 32 iPads

 - Gather'Round Charging Cart 40 iPads

 - Gather'Round Sync-Charge Cart 40 iPads

 - Gather'Round Charging Cart 24 iPad Minis & 7" Tablets

 - Gather'Round Sync-Charge Cart 24 iPads Minis & 7" Tablets


For more information, click on the images below




Artist renderings. Contact us for details






The NETVAULT-IP secures, stores and recharges up to 40 iPads in a remarkably inexpensive and small footprint. 


Compatible with iPad and all previous models, with or without cases.


Easy to move and providing fast and easy access technology, its small size is especially important in tight classroom spaces.


The NETVAULT-IP will also work with other EBook readers, such as the Amazon Kindle™ and Barnes & Noble Nook™, as well as many tablet PCs. For details, click here.


The NETVAULT-IP has an innovative three-point locking system, providing the most secure storage of anything in its class, protecting equipment from theft, vandalism and unauthorized access.  It is far more secure than conventional padlocks and provides better key control and management options. 


It is equipped with outlets for recharging batteries and powering peripherals.  It is also equipped with innovative wire management features, medical grade wheels and adjustable dividers.  The interior can be reconfigured to accommodate changing technologies, something that should be important to institutions concerned about sustainability.




Netsafe-IPC: Charging Cabinet


The Netsafe-IPC secures and charges 16 iPads (all generations and models) in cases (up to 20 out of cases) in a compact tabletop cabinet. It also provides safe storage for a MacBook.


Netsafe-IPCS: Sync-and-Charge Cabinet


The Netsafe-IPCS cabinet also handles 16 iPads (including new iPad and previous generations) in cases and provides storage for a MacBook.  Its built-in USB jack makes it easy working station for controlling multiple iPad syncing in a compact, extremely secure cabinet.  For details, click here.



Sync-and-Charge Cabinet

16 iPads and MacBook

Works with Most iPad Cases


Note: The NETVAULT-IP does not sync. iPads used in cases vary in thickness, which will effect the cart's capacity. If a customer tells us the thickness of the iPad housed in the case they are using (or if they send us a sample of the case), we can provide an estimate of the cart capacity, which in the Netvault may vary from 24-30 units.  Make sure any cart or cabinet you purchase works with your cases. Some do not.


For more information, call us or click here.  Visit our iPad resource site at:


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