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laptop carts


What cabinets are best to protect notebooks & netbooks in classrooms?


When netbooks, laptops and tablets are used in classrooms and training facilities, they are commonly stored in carts. But many times, it may be better to use a cabinet that is stronger, takes up less space and may even be less expensive. Schools, universities, corporate training facilities and conference centers should consider storing valuable equipment in cabinets when the mobility of a cart is not needed. Not every classroom has to be on wheels.

A variety of security cabinets and "safes" can store 5, 8, 10, 18 or more, and can accommodate a variety of network requirements. Always make sure you use cabinets that provide the best possible level of security.

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Tambour Door Cabinets

Security Cabinet
for Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets
Security Cabinet
for MacBooks




8 Module

Wall Mount Laptop Cabinet

Wall Mount Notebook

Cabinet NEW

DS-NSS-8G - 8 module

DS-NSS-5 - 5 module


  laptop carts
laptop cart and notebook carts

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